What is Zoom? Top 10 Zoom Alternatives,Uses, and Review

As you know that in the past few years the pandemic situation of coronavirus arrived all over the world and in some sectors, the work can not be stopped. So the video conferencing app Will play a very important role in working, as the pandemic starts there is only a single application in zoom which is working in the video conferencing sector.

Zoom will be helping the people who are very far from their family and want to watch their family members for satisfying that they are well. In this article, we are going to get the full details of the Zoom application,  and what are the details of this app, And also we are going to discuss the uses of the Zoom application and in the last the main alternatives to the Zoom application. 

What is zoom?

Zoom is the cloud base video conferencing app that will be Virtually supported to your video audio and used in the webinar, Live class, Screen sharing, and other work as well. As you know that video conferencing app is not new for us because big Sharks are already seated in this industry, Some of the major big Sharks name Google meet, Webex, Skype, etc.

Zoom is made by Eric Yuan, Who was firstly the manager of the Webex company, His company is public in the year April 2019. The application is founded in the US but the founder of this application is a Chinese person who has a citizen of America. 

How does it work?

This is the web conferencing application that has used your audio and video for the meeting, it has a maximum recharge of 100 people at a time to speak in and get a meeting, but if you get the paid version of the application then the limit will be increased to 1000. you can make unlimited phone calls and unlimited meetings in this application just free of cost and also if you want to record you can also do that for further purposes. 

You can access this application on all the devices such as smartphones, laptops, and even PC as well. They earn money through a lot of varieties such as they have owned premium package, also some other subscription model based options such as zoom phone, zoom event, zoom webinar,  zoom room, zoom united, etc.

Uses of Zoom

There are a lot of uses of the zoom application, but we cannot cover them all Some of the major uses of this application are as follows:-

  • It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly application that doesn’t interfere with your meeting.
  •  it is fully secure and does not like your data to other companies from the server.
  • Access to all devices means you can open meetings on your laptop, mobile, and pc as well.
  •  it is free of cost to use, there is no advertising between this application. 
  • If you want to buy the premium package of the Zoom application then it will be pocket friendly and the money is worth it for you, Also it is within budget. 
  • Is very flexible and you can do on meeting at any time anywhere.
  •  it provides very better services in customer support as well, as you can access it through the slow internet connection. 

Zoom App Pricing Chart:-

Sr.no.Name Price in USDTIme Categories
1Professional14.99$Per MonthHost
2Business19.99$Per MonthHost
3Enterprise19.99$Per MonthHost
4Zoom49.00$Per MonthRoom
5H.32349.00$Per MonthPort
6Video40.00$Per MonthHost

Performance and user reviews?

This is a very user-friendly application, and also a very good User review as well, there are lots of ways to improve your performance in this application, You Can access the stable internet connection, for better support and get high-quality video meetings as well, also you can do and check your performance through app. also you can adjust the voice and mic volume as your choice.

It consumes very low data in a meeting while using the Zoom app,  also you can use this application in the background section in your mobile or P C  by minimizing it. 

Top 10 Zoom Alternatives? | better zoom alternatives?

There are so many alternatives to zoom present is now online internet,  some of the most used and popular alternatives are as follows:-

  1. Brosix:- 

This app provides very easy and good customer support to the users, also there are lots of highlighting key features of this app is that it is very easy Collaboration feature and also the communication will be enjoying in this platform, you can add unlimited users in a single meeting,  there is no user word count. there are three types of different pricing plans in this application we can check out it on the internet. 

It has a 4.2-star rating on its official website by its users, this is one of the best and most user-friendly applications. 

  1. Meet now:-

This platform is provided by Microsoft, and it provides improved video conferencing and boosts features as well. at a time you can add 50 users in a single meeting. and the maximum time limit for a single meeting is 24 hours. they also provide some premium features such as emojis in the chatbox, a screen sharing option, etc.

  1. Chanty:-

This platform is launched in the year 2017, It is a very simple looking and premium feature providing application, if you have a business and you want a meeting facility then their business plan is very good for you it starts at 3 dollars per person that you are added in your meeting. but the drawback of this application is you can just at 25 participants at a time in a meeting.

But is a very secure and safe application Could not leak your data anymore. It will be available on both Android and iOS as well as you can also access it on your Windows and Macbook as well. 

  1. Jitisi Meet:-

It is very convenient and free of cost to use this application, and the main feature of this platform is you don’t need to create a single account on this you can access it without an account for a meeting. the maximum number of participants that you can Axis at a single meeting is 50. also this software provides live streaming live screen sharing and other unbelievable features.

 it will be comfortable with both Android and iPhone mobile applications, also they have the Google Chrome extension as well. 

  1.  Blue jeans:-

This is the cloud-based platform for the smaller businesses and those who are working remote job are the office places. there are lots of eye-catching features in this platform available such as Dobly voice Ringcentral video and so on. It also provides safe driving features in smartphones.

 it is the paid version that the minimum pricing of This platform provides 75 to 100  participants at a single time. Available on both Android and IOS also Linux version is available it has the tie with the biggest companies such as Microsoft, Gong, Zoho, etc.

  1.  Google meet-
  2.  GoToMeeting:-
  3.  Microsoft teams:-
  4.  Cisco Webex:-
  5.  Ringcentral Video:-


  1. Is the Zoom app is Chinese application?

Ans:- No, it is not a Chinese application it is a US-based application that is created by the Chinese person, but he has citizenship in America.

  1. Is the Zoom app Free to use?

Ans:- yes, You can use the Zoom application for free of cost, but if you want some additional features in that you just need to pay some amount as the monthly subscription.

  1. How to Download the Zoom APK?

Ans:- there are so many ways to download the zoom APK, but the common way to download the latest version of APK is to download from the Play Store, are you can also download it from their official website.

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